Project Aims

Although the fundamental mechanisms are still poorly understood, a growing body of evidence points toward reactive oxygen species (ROS) as one of the primary determinants of aging. The “free radical theory of ageing” holds that a progressive and irreversible accumulation of oxidative damage caused by ROS impacts on critical aspects of the aging process and contributes to impaired physiological function, increased incidence of disease, and a reduction in life span.


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Protein oxidative damage has been selected as the soft focus to draw out potential synergies of this project. Broadly speaking we aim to monitor the levels of oxidative damage at the chemical level, and determine the effects of this damage on the protein networks and signalling, metabolic responses, and cumulative ageing-related phenomena. We will develop new platforms to create high resolution and sensitive technologies to explore oxidative damage to proteins and the cellular responses to this damage.

The prediction, prevention and increased personalisation of medicine are expected to form the cornerstone of a new approach to next generation healthcare. New protein based diagnostic tools are required to make a significant contribution to this area. Furthermore the decreasing productivity of the conventional drug discovery industry makes the need for innovative strategies for developing new medicines a matter of urgency. The technologies that we will develop will enable and drive new approaches to drug discovery, offering the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries access to a broader range of quantitative information, particularly with respect to protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications.

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&#169Video made by TAJAYI Media ( Music:”Ouroboros” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0